Standard Orbit 65: Compress Them Like A JPEG / by Drew Stewart

Transporter Ethics.

We’re told the transporter takes an object or person, disassembles them on a molecular level, transmits them to another place, then reassembles them. However, there are other instances where duplication happens. Where does that matter come from? Where does the matter for regular tranports come from?

McCoy has a distrust of the transporter. Is he crazy, or does he have a point? In this episode of Standard Orbit, Mike and Drew discuss the transporter and the possible ethics of using it.

Running Time: 35 minutes 43 seconds


Drew Stewart and Mike Schindler


Editor and Producer

Drew Stewart


Associate Producer

Richard Rutledge, Jr.


Production Manager

Richard Marquez


Content Coordinator

Will Nguyen



Transporter-phobia (00:00:50)
How Exactly Does It Work? (00:01:34)
Are You Creating A New Person? (00:09:03)
Are You Killing Duplicates? (00:16:08)
Could You Keep Backup People? (00:20:01)
Does Stephen King Take Place in the Twilight Zone? (00:23:28)
Closing (00:29:55)


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