Standard Orbit 245: How Many Kellicams Is Beijing From Shanghai? / by Richard Marquez

TOS In Stardate Order.


Running Time: 41 minute 31 seconds

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What would watching The Original Series in stardate order look like? Would it create any continuity errors? Would it solve any? How does The Animated Series fit into all this? Hosts Ken Tripp and Zach Moore go deep into the rabbit hole of TOS era stardates this week on Standard Orbit.

Many thanks to The Star Trek List, our main resource for this discussion:

Chapters Welcome to Standard Orbit! (00:01:27)
Stardates (00:03:53)
The Star Trek List, The Animated Series, Continuity Broken (00:08:10)
Continuity Fixed, More Continuity Broken (00:12:39)
Spock Stuff, Mudd Stuff (00:14:43)
More TAS in the Middle of TOS (00:17:04)
TOS Episode Without Stardates (00:19:10)
When Does It Matter? (00:22:02)
Post-TOS Stardates (00:24:35)
Final Thoughts (00:29:03)
POTFM (00:35:49)
Closing (00:38:01)


Ken Tripp Zach Moore


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