Standard Orbit 242: Grace / by Richard Marquez

Grace Lee Whitney and YN Rand


Running Time: 53 minute 9 seconds

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This week on Standard Orbit hosts Hayley Stoddart, Zach Moore, and Ken Tripp discuss the life of actress Grace Lee Whitney and the impact her character, YN Janice Rand, had on Star Trek.

From her being one of the original faces of the franchise, to be written off the show; Grace was sexually assaulted during her time on set and fell into depression and addiction after her contract was cancelled. Ken, Zach, and Hayley explore her life, her recovery, and eventual return to the TOS movies. Boldly listen!


Welcome to Standard Orbit! (00:01:25)
Thoughts on YN Rand (00:02:50)
Combat Yeoman (00:08:54)
Grace Lee Whitney (00:16:14)
You will never work again! (00:23:35)
Addiction (00:26:40)
Grace is a very appropriate name (00:36:16)
Rand is Back (00:37:18)
POTFM (00:44:29)
Closing (00:58:50)


Ken Tripp Zach Moore Hayley Stoddart


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