Standard Orbit 224: Bumphead / by Richard Marquez

Steven Lance Interview, Part 2.


Running Time: 40 minute 10 seconds

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Just exactly what is a Bumphead you ask? Actor, author and convention host Steven Lance is back to give us all the details.

In this episode of Standard Orbit, Steven is back with hosts Zach Moore and Hayley Stoddart to continue the discussion about his time in the Star Trek universe. Steven shares his experience appearing in Star Trek: The Motion Picture and being designated as a Bumphead. We also talk about the book he is putting together about his time as master of ceremonies, with a call out to those fans who would like to share their experiences at those early conventions.


Welcome to Standard Orbit! (00:01:23)
More Living With Scotty (00:02:13)
Bumphead on The Motion Picture (00:03:58)
Stage Name (00:16:37)
Steven The Author (00:18:49)
Garden State Film Festival, Christopher Lloyd (00:23:06)
Jam Room Communications (00:31:29)
Final Thoughts (00:34:10)
POTFM (00:35:25)
Closing (00:37:58)


Zach Moore
Hayley Stoddart


Steven Lance


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