Standard Orbit 222: Dumb and Death / by Richard Marquez

Favorite Red Shirt Moments.


Running Time: 47 minutes 18 seconds

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The term "red shirt" is an ingrained in pop culture as "live long and prosper," "warp speed" and "beam me up Scotty." If the stereotype is to be believed, wearing a red uniform on the Enterprise is basically a death sentence...but is it really?

In this episode of Standard Orbit, hosts Zach Moore and Hayley Stoddart explore the cliché, its validity, and discuss some of the their favorite red shirt moments from The Original Series.

Redshirts Are The Safest: Debunking A Star Trek Myth by EC Henry:


Welcome to Standard Orbit! (00:01:23)
Redshirts Are The Safest: Debunking A Star Trek Myth (00:03:51)
Honorary Red Shirts (00:10:21)
A Red Shirt By Any Other Name (00:19:57)
More Red Shirt Moments (00:22:32)
Worst Ways To Die (00:31:51)
Dumb Red Shirt Moments (00:35:08)
Final Thoughts (00:39:49)
POTFM (00:41:33)
Closing (01:43:42)


Zach Moore
Hayley Stoddart


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