Standard Orbit 202: Trek Wars / by Richard Marquez

Star Trek vs. Star Wars.


Running Time: 1hour 19 minutes 48 seconds

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Merry Christmas and a happy Star Wars season to you all! In honor of December now officially being Star Wars month, we thought it would be fun to pit the two trilogies of the George Lucas Star Wars saga against the six movies of the TOS cast and crew.

In this episode of Standard Orbit, hosts Ken Tripp and Zach Moore don't settle the great Star Trek vs. Star Wars debate one and for all, but they at least have a good time talking about that other Star franchise. It's their present to each other and the listeners this Christmas. May the Force be with you!


Welcome to Standard Orbit! (00:01:23)
Star Wars (A New Hope) vs. The Motion Picture (00:04:54)
The Empire Strikes Back vs. The Wrath of Khan (00:22:33)
Return of the Jedi vs. The Search for Spock (00:33:19)
The Phantom Menace vs. The Voyage Home (00:41:08)
Attack of the Clones vs. The Final Frontier (00:47:40)
Revenge of the Sith vs. The Undiscovered Country (00:57:51)
Closing (01:09:27)


Ken Tripp Zach Moore


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