Standard Orbit 188: ST09 The Best Trek Moments / by Richard Marquez

Top Scenes that Epitomize Star Trek.


Running Time: 23 minutes 21 seconds

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In this episode of Standard Orbit: Ken take us through the key scenes of the movie that make it real "Trek". Star Trek 2009 successfully re-launched the franchise and brought many new fans into the fold. It was not a slam dunk as it did create some controversy amongst some corners of Star Trek fandom.

Ken discusses and plays some clips from the top three scenes from the movie that brought this new version of Star Trek into the greater Roddenberry Universe. Please let us know what you think by engaging in conversation in the Babel conference and utilizing these links to review the scenes for yourself. Links:


Welcome to Standard Orbit! (00:01:22)
Prayers for Houston (00:02:02)
ST09 Overview (00:02:08)
Kirk's Birth (00:04:19)
Welcome aboard, Bones! (00:07:57)
Spock meets Spock (00:12:23)
Thanks for Listening (00:21:53)


Ken Tripp


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