Standard Orbit 169: Other Space Seeds / by Richard Marquez

Movie Sequels to TOS Episodes.

Running Time: 57 minutes 55 seconds
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When Harve Bennett took the reins of the Star Trek franchise after The Motion Picture, he famously watched all 79 episodes of The Original Series to both familiarize himself with the show as well as mine it for potential sequel ideas. He zeroed in on Space Seed and the rest is history, but what if he'd picked something else?

In this episode of Standard Orbit, Ken ans Zach each share their top three TOS episodes they would've liked to see movie sequels to. They also shout out to Standard Orbit's ever growing ranks of associate producers and read more listener email!


Welcome to Standard Orbit! (00:01:08)
Associate Producer Recognition (00:01:28)
Listener Email (00:06:33)
Being Harve Bennett (00:15:08)
It's A Good Life on Talos IV (00:17:11)
Chariots of the Gods (00:20:58)
2 Doomsday 2 Machine (00:24:51)
A Few Good Court Martials (00:29:25)
Many Such Journeys Are Possible (00:33:15)
Still Obsessed (00:39:53)
What's It About? (00:45:05)
To Be Continued... (00:50:05)
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Ken Tripp and Zach Moore


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