Standard Orbit 167: Loss and Recovery / by Richard Marquez

Star Trek's Most Emotionally Powerful Events

Running Time: 1 hour 35 minutes 11 seconds
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In this week's Standard Orbit, Ken and Nic dive into the most life changing and emotionally charged events across the Star Trek spectrum. From key events in the TOS episodes to the birth of Kirk and simultanious death of George Kirk and Beyond; we'll explore the impacts of the hardest life and death circumstances on the crew of the USS Enterprise.

As we explore our characters toughest moments; we discuss how did they impact the fans of the show. How might the incidents on the screen helped Star Trek fans deal with those difficult circumstances in their own lives.

Climb aboard as we view the life journey of our favorite characters with care, emotion, humor, and pull from those experiences in our own lives.


Welcome to Standard Orbit! (00:01:08)
Nic arriving! (00:01:26)
The Subject of Loss (00:02:40)
Mirimani (00:05:38)
McCoy's Trials (00:12:48)
Scotty's Stories (00:19:23)
Movie Elements (00:25:20)
Kelvin Timeline (01:06:30)
POTFM (01:29:40)
Thank You for Listening to Standard Orbit (01:34:40)


Ken Tripp

Guest Host

Nicolas Anastassiou


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