Standard Orbit 162: Untitled Sci-Fi Movie / by Richard Marquez

Tales from the Set of Star Trek Into Darkness.

Running Time: 1 hour 11 minutes 51 seconds
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Jon Lee Brody is an actor, writer, director and producer but more importantly in terms of Star Trek...a redshirt! In this episode of Standard Orbit, Jon shares his experiences of breaking into the film business, directing his own short film, and playing a security officer in Star Trek Into Darkness.

From inside jokes with JJ Abrams to breaking the ice with Simon Pegg, Jon recounts some great stories from his time on set. We also talk in depth about his short film Police Guys, and have a solid tangent about the DC Comics universe on film and television.

Welcome to Standard Orbit! (00:01:08)
Jon Lee Brody, From Basketball to Hollywood (00:02:18)
Breaking Into the Industry (00:10:48)
Police Guys (00:15:01)
Star Trek Into Darkness, Casting, Costumes and Codenames (00:26:13)
On Set, Inside Joke with JJ (00:32:15)
DC Comics Tangent (00:36:55)
On Set, Contd. (00:44:05)
JJ's Directing Style (00:49:43)
What's Next for Jon (00:53:07)
Final Thoughts (01:01:42)
Previously on (01:07:25)
Thank You for Listening to Standard Orbit (01:08:38)

Zach Moore

Jon Lee Brody

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