Standard Orbit 157: There are no Star Destroyers in the Smithsonian / by Richard Marquez

The creation of the refit Enterprise

Running Time: 1 hour 12 minutes 56 seconds
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Paul Olsen was the person who painted and worked on the most iconic Starship in movie history: The refit USS Enterprise. Tony Robinson guest hosts this week and joins Ken in a fascinating interview. Paul walks us through the behind the scenes of the creation of the ship for Star Trek: The Motion Picture

Paul brings us up to date on Project Enterprise; the venture of rebuilding the Enterprise by the people who originally brought the Enterprise to the screen. You'll learn what you can do to support this project and how this new bigger better model will be displayed for the public.

Please note this interview was done over zoom and the sound quality is not as strong as other shows where the hosts record locally.

Welcome to Standard Orbit! (00:01:08)
Introducing Paul Olsen (00:03:36)
Paul's History (00:04:35)
There she was! (00:08:45)
Beautiful Design (00:22:00)
Lighting the Enterprise (00:27:00)
It was magnificent (00:32:44)
Where is the Enterprise now? (00:39:48)
Project Enterprise (00:43:00)
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Ken Tripp

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Tim Robinson

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