Standard Orbit 152: With Rolling Action / by Richard Marquez

TOS Action Figures and Toys.

Running Time: 01 hour 01 minutes 32 seconds
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Fandom takes many forms, and when you're a kid that form is often toys. With it being the holiday season where many a gift will be given and received, we thought it would be a perfect time to take a look back at many of the TOS toys and action figures released over the years. Being a child of the late 80s, Zach spends extra attention on what truly marked he golden age of Star Trek toys...the Playmates line of the 1990s.

Which four characters were the precious few to have their own action figures released for Star Trek III? What's the story with the unique uniforms of the Star Trek: Generations action figures? And whatever happened to the bridge play-set that was promised in the Star Trek 2009 line? All this and much, much more as Zach educates Ken on the wonderful world of Star Trek toys in this episode of of Standard Orbit!

Welcome to Standard Orbit! (00:01:09)
Star Trek: The Motion Picture Happy Meal (00:02:52)
ERTL, Star Trek V & Star Trek III (00:06:15)
Hallmark Ornaments (00:13:20)
Playmates, 1990s (00:16:29)
Playmates, Star Trek: Generations (00:31:58)
Playmates, 1990s Contd. (00:43:29)
Playmates, Star Trek 2009 (00:46:06)
Final Thoughts (00:49:27)
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Ken Tripp and Zach Moore

C Bryan Jones (Executive Producer), Ken Tripp (Executive Producer), Matthew Rushing (Executive Producer), Charlene Schmiedt (Executive Producer), Zach Moore (Editor), Renee Roberts (Associate Producer), Richard Rutledge (Associate Producer), Aaron Harvey (Associate Producer), Richard Marquez (Production Manager)