Standard Orbit 148: So Many Alternative Factors / by Trek fm

The Alternative Factor.

Running Time: 01 hour 03 minutes 47 seconds
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The Alternative Factor is rather infamous in Star Trek fandom, and there are many factors (see what we did there?) and behind-the-scenes reasons for why things turned out the way they did. Who better to join us in our discussion on this episode than host of Melodic Treks Brandon Shea-Mutula, known for his unique taste when it comes to Star Trek, and who makes his case for why The Alternative Factor is one of his favorites!

We talk band-aids, beards, parallel universes, Jet Li's The One, and so much more, including all the behind-the-scenes drama surrounding The Alternative Factor, in this week's episode of Standard Orbit. Also, our iTunes giveaway has been extended to December 15, there's still time to win a Star Trek: The Next Generation's first season on Blu-ray!

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Ken Tripp and Zach Moore

Brandon-Shea Mutala

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