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Standard Orbit
Standard Orbit 153: Earl Grey Generations

Zach and Ken attempt to discuss Star Trek's Christmas movie: Generations when the Earl Grey crew of Lee, Amy, and Richard beam into Standard Orbit studios. This crossover podcast discusses the Star Trek crossover movie. Why did they have to kill Capt. Kirk, the Enterprise, and Captain Picard's family? Was Soran a good villain and was the Nexus a good plot device? How did the Flagship of the Federation lose to an old Bird of Prey? 

Standard Orbit S1: Commodore's Log Supplemental

Norm's Reflections on The Kelvin Era Movies. Unable to participate on the previous few Standard Orbits, Commodore Norman C. Lao decided to pull rank for a brief Standard Orbit interlude, to record his own thoughts on this new movie universe.

Standard Orbit 134: In the Absence of Light

Star Trek INTO DARKNESS. In this episode of Standard Orbit, your Refit Crew continues their voyage through the Original Series “Kelvin Era” Movies with Star Trek INTO DARKNESS; the much anticipated sequel to Star Trek 2009.

Standard Orbit 131: Go Climb A Rock Monster!

No One Sets Out To Make A Bad Movie. In this episode of Standard Orbit, your Refit Crew continues their voyage through the Original Series Cast Movies with Star Trek V: The Final Frontier; heading towards July 22 and BEYOND!

Standard Orbit 130: Hello Computer!

Voyaging Home. In this episode of Standard Orbit, your Refit Crew continues their voyages through the Original Series Cast Movies with Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home, as they head towards July 22 and BEYOND!

Standard Orbit 129: Revenge for Lost Arguments

Searching for Spock. Star Trek BEYOND is nearly upon us and your refit crew felt that a “logical” follow-up to Temporal Trailer Park 1 & 2 would be to a return to the Original Series movie franchise starting with Star Trek III: The Search for Spock.

Standard Orbit 128: To the Undiscovered Country and BEYOND!

Temporal Trailer Park Two. As we continue our ramping-up to Star Trek BEYOND in July, we are going to take a look at the second-half of Star Trek movie trailers from Star Trek VI in 1991 through to the recently released BEYOND Trailer 2.

Standard Orbit 127: Temporal Trailer Park One

A Wagon of Trailers to the Stars. Movie trailers…they tease, they excite, and if crafted properly, have the ability to stir our imaginations into a frenzy of anticipation for…the next trailer!

Standard Orbit 125: The Consistency of Inconsistencies

The A to Z of Trekipedia.com. There is a truism when it comes to fandom: The Devil is in the Details ... or at many times, the lack or inconsistency thereof. Canon, in and of itself, is a very delicate proposition.

Standard Orbit 124: Hailing Frequencies Open Too

Feedback from the Fans and The Babel Conference. Nearly four months and 14 episodes later, the Refit Team just wanted to check in with all of our supporters and listeners to see if we have settled into a nice and steady cruising speed.

Standard Orbit 123: TMP vs. TWOK: The Conversational Kobayashi Maru

The Motion Picture vs. The Wrath of Khan. When Star Trek left the television airwaves in 1969, there was a void that was left in the hearts and minds of Trekkies across the world. So ... what IS the movie that truly “saved” Star Trek?


Standard Orbit 122: The Babel Conference Has Spoken!

The Essential Top TOS. In this episode of Standard Orbit, we conclude our epic journey with what we believe to be the top 15 TOS episodes for essential viewing. Special thanks to Trek.fm's The Babel Conference for your participation!


Standard Orbit 121: Did We Get The Turkey?

The Essential Season Three. In this episode of Standard Orbit, we continue our coverage from Episode 120; delving deeply into Season Three with a more finely tuned eye and critical perspective.

Standard Orbit 120: Get Schmedlap On It!

The Essential Season Two. When it comes to ranking the "best" episodes of The Original Series, there are Top Ten lists ... and there are TOP TEN lists. Unlike Season One, episodes from Seasons Two and Three are rarely represented.

Standard Orbit 119: Not All Top Ten Lists Are Created Equal

The Essential Season One. There are Top Ten lists ... and there are TOP TEN lists. This episode of Standard Orbit is about the latter. Many online lists, from prominent geek culture websites, favor Season One heavily and with good reason.

Standard Orbit 118: A Red Shirt Commodore?

The Commodores from The Original Series. Several episodes in The Original Series introduced a few high-ranking and "intrusive" characters that shared one commonality: the rank of Commodore.

Standard Orbit 117: Spock is a Stone Cold Playa

The Enterprise Incidental. As a follow-up to Standard Orbit 116: The Real Enemy Is War Itself, The "Refit" Crew wanted to take a look at the only other episode in the entirety of the 79 of The Original Series that featured the Romulans.

Standard Orbit 116: The Real Enemy Is War Itself

How The Enemy Below Influenced Balance of Terror. This 1957 World War Two classic film directly influenced Star Trek writer Paul Schneider as he crafted the narrative for what would become one of Star Trek's greatest episodes.

Standard Orbit 115: Wibbly Wobbly Primey Wimey

The Alternative Factors. Whether it is called NuTrek or the JJ-verse, the Star Trek film continuity from 2009 is its own timeline. But the question remains: At what point did the timeline diverge from the original?

Standard Orbit 114: A Tour DeForest Performance!

Dissecting Spock's Brain. On this episode of Standard Orbit, we prep for surgery and perform a deep dissection and examination of what Star Trek fans have labelled as the "worst" episode ever in the history of The Original Series.