Literary Treks 97: TOS' "Family" Episode / by Matthew Rushing

Shadow of the Machine.

Running Time: 1 hour 5 minutes 46 seconds
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In the aftermath of The Motion Picture the TOS characters were seen supposedly going back to the final frontier but what if they went back to Earth first for repairs and shore leave first?

In this episode of Literary Treks hosts Matthew Rushing and Dan Gunther discuss Shadows of the Machine, the latest novella by Scott Harrison. We talk about the how heroes are real people, some of the continuity issues with other novels, dive into the stories of Kirk, Sulu and Spock, and give our ratings.

In the news segment we judge the covers for the New Frontier novellas, talk about blurbs for the upcoming Titan, Seekers, TOS, and DS9 books, discuss the news of a 50th anniversary trilogy, finishing up by reviewing the new issues of the Trek/Apes crossover and Ongoing #43.


Multiple Covers to Judge (00:02:30)
Titan: Sight Unseen Blurb (00:09:09)
Seekers: All That’s Left Blurb (00:12:08)
TOS: Child of Two Worlds (00:14:53)
DS9: Ascendance (00:17:04)
5th Anniversary Trilogy (00:24:39)
Trek/Apes 4 (00:27:38)
Ongoing #43 (00:32:39)

Feature: Shadows of the Machine

Shadows of the Machine (00:38:01)
Heroes are Real People (00:39:25)
Continuity Issues (00:44:10)
Kirk’s Story (00:48:27)
Sulu’s Story (00:52:47)
Spock’s Story (00:58:14)
Final Thoughts and Ratings (01:03:30)
Closing (01:06:15)


Matthew Rushing and Dan Gunther


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