Literary Treks 91: Pulaski Fights Crime / by Matthew Rushing

The Missing: Una McCormack.

Running Time: 1 hour 19 minutes 28 seconds
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The end of The Fall left the Star Trek universe in a little more hopeful place than it was when the series began. There is a new focus on exploration in the Federation and even with all that the characters have experienced there is still the drive to boldly go.

In this episode of Literary Treks hosts Matthew Rushing and Dan Gunther are joined by author Una McCormack to talk about her latest book The Missing. She talks about following up The Fall, writing a “day in the life” of DS9, the fun of exploring the new station, writing the character of Pulaski, as well as featuring the women of Star Trek, deepening the Tzenkethi, the themes of preconceived notions about people and atonement, all while remaining us that DS9 is truly a home for the homeless.

In the news segment we discuss Mike Johnson’s interview on what coming up for the Star Trek Ongoing comic as well as some well known villains that may make an appearance soon.


Mike Johnson Talks Star Trek Ongoing (00:02:24)

Feature: Una McCormack

Ideas for following up The Fall (00:11:05)
Day in the Life of DS9 (00:12:51)
Exploring the New DS9 (00:14:49)
Writing Pulaski (00:19:19)
The Women of Star Trek (00:24:07)
Marriage Advice (00:27:39)
Deepening the Tzenkethi (00:30:06)
Judging People by Their Cover (00:40:29)
Atonement (00:43:35)
The War Generation (00:46:07)
The Missing (00:50:17)
Picard’s Logs (00:52:54)
Struggles to Understand (00:56:53)
DS9 - A Home for the Homeless (01:02:01)
Una’s Upcoming Work (01:03:36)
One Last Question (01:05:02)
Una Online (01:08:10)
Closing (01:09:28)


Matthew Rushing and Dan Gunther


Una McCormack


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