Literary Treks 75: So THAT'S Why Beverly Hates the EMH? / by Trek fm

Slings and Arrows: That Sleep of Death.

Running Time: 1 hour 11 minutes 14 seconds
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In 2007 Pocket Books decided to honor the 20th anniversary of Star Trek: The Next Generation with a six-part eBook series that bridged the gap between the destruction of the Enterprise-D in Generations and the next time we saw the crew on the big screen in First Contact. Penned by J. Steven York, Christina F. York, Phaedra M. Weldon, William Leisner, Terri Osborne, Robert Greenberger, and Keith R.A. DeCandido, these novellas tell the story of the Enterprise-E’s shakedown cruise.

In this episode of Literary Treks hosts Matthew Rushing and Christopher Jones discuss the fourth book in the Slings and Arrows series, That Sleep of Death, which delivers a pinch of First Contact setup with some generous helpings of A Christmas Carol. Join us as we discuss the first diplomatic mission of the new starship, why Beverly Crusher’s primary role on the 1701-E is apparently theatre director, the idea of a mutualistic species that combines a humanoid and a coating of living creatures, and find out why Beverly is so rude to the EMH when she activates it in First Contact.


USS Titan Official Starships Collection Update (2:38)
Feedback on This Grey Spirit (6:00)

Feature: That Sleep of Death

Someone Really Loves A Christmas Carol (25:22)
How Does This Fit Into First Contact? (31:18)
Overly Simplistic Prose and the Road to Nowhere (37:19)
We Have Our First Diplomatic Mission! (40:07)
Any Old Married Couple and Other Character Moments (49:35)
Final Thoughts (55:17)


Matthew Rushing and Christopher Jones


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