Literary Treks 58: You're a Baby Daddy, Sulu! / by Trek fm

The Captain’s Daughter.

Running Time: 1 Hour 40 minutes 31 seconds
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Star Trek Generations brought us a number of shocking moments—the death of Captain Kirk, the destruction of the Enterprise-D—but one with less severe consequences was the revelation that Hikaru Sulu had a daughter. It was just a nod to the passage of time and a nice tidbit for fans that created a connection between the Enterprise-A and Enterprise-B. But did it really make sense? Kirk certainly seemed surprised by it.

In this episode of Literary Treks hosts Matthew Rushing and Christopher Jones discuss Peter David’s solution to the Demora Conundrum, which came in the form of the 1995 novel The Captain’s Daughter. We discuss each of the story’s five main points—Death, First Date, Memorial, Parenthood, and Life After Death—and whether or not the solution adequately and believably fills in the backstory of that moment in Generations.

In our news segment we take a first look at the upcoming Ships of the Line art book, an attempt to reach younger fans with pop-ups, IDW’s plans to bring Q to the Abramsverse, and the Starfleet Medical Officers special comics collaboration between IDW and the Tricorder X-Prize called Flesh and Stone.


Revised Ships of the Line art book sets sail
Star Trek reaches out to kids with pop-up book
IDW sending Q to the Abramsverse
IDW Medical Officers Special crosses over with Tricorder X-Prize

Feature: The Captain’s Daughter

Section 1: Death
Section 2: First Date
Section 3: Memorial
Section 4: Parenthood
Section 5: Life After Death


Matthew Rushing and Christopher Jones


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