Literary Treks 54: We Never Use the B Word / by Trek fm

No Time Like the Past: Greg Cox.

Running Time: 1 Hour 23 minutes 32 seconds
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Star Trek characters from different eras meeting is nothing new. Picard met Spock. Scotty met Geordi. Julian met a stunning 23rd-century lieutenant that made him think he might be his own great-grandfather. But two characters we never thought would cross paths are Captain James T. Kirk and Seven of Nine. Yet that’s exactly what happens in Greg Cox’s new book No Time Like the Past. Presenting herself as Annika Seven, Voyager’s former Borg drone finds herself in the presence of the man she’s come to know as a legend through the tales of her own captain. But don’t worry… the story doesn’t follow the path you might first think.

In this episode of Literary Treks we’re joined by Greg Cox to discuss No Time Like the Past, what it was like writing Seven for the first time, blending the flavors of The Original Series and Voyager, and the steps that Annika must take to never use the B word—BORG.

In our news segment we bring you the book trailer for Kirsten Beyer’s Acts of Contrition, sneak a peek at artwork from IDW’s rendition of The City On the Edge of Forever, John Byrne’s New Visions, and the remastered Gold Key comics, and we glimpse the contents of the Stardate Collection, Volume 2.


IDW offers a glimpse of art from “The City On the Edge of Forever”
Enterprise art panel for John Byrne’s New Visions
Scene from remastered Gold Key comics
Stargate Collection Volume 2 table of contents

Feature: No Time Like the Past

Unique Aspects of Writing Voyager
Merging TOS and Voyager
Kirk Meets Seven… Hubba Hubba
Planetary Selection
Writing Time Travel
Fun with Kirk and Seven
Foul Deeds Will Rise Teasers
What’s Next for Greg?


Matthew Rushing and Christopher Jones


Greg Cox


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