Literary Treks 4: Brinkmanship, Cardassia, and Beyond / by Trek fm

Una McCormack.


Running Time: 1 hour 51 minutes
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The complex storylines of Deep Space Nine are the perfect playground for Una McCormack, an author who carries a PhD in sociology into her approach to Star Trek. Beginning with the short story Face Value in the collection Prophecy and Change, Una has explored Cardassia, the repercussions of In the Pale Moonlight, and even played with Ezri Dax in the continuing Star Trek universe.

In this episode of Literary Treks we’re joined by Una to discuss why Deep Space Nine is her favorite series, how she got involved in writing Star Trek, bringing female characters to the forefront, and the intricacies of freedom and how we are all interconnected.

In our news segment we look at three new omnibuses coming from Pocket Books: Typhon Pact: The Khitomer Accords; The Original Series: The Continuing Missions; and Destiny: The Complete Saga. We also cover IDW’s Star Trek: The Next Generation Omnibus and Star Trek: The Newspaper Strips, Volume 1, the covers for Countdown to Darkness, the Star Trek 100-page Winter Spectacular comic, and we talk in-depth about the first three issues of Brannon Braga’s HIVE.


First Look at IDW’s December compendiums
Get Brannon Braga’s HIVE digital format

Feature: Una McCormack

Una’s first experience with Star Trek
Getting into writing
A love for Cardassians
The dichotomy of freedom
Shining light on female characters
Interconnected but separate storylines
What does Una read?
What in Una working on now?


Matthew Rushing and Christopher Jones


Una McCormack


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