Literary Treks 17: Tuvok's Remedial School for Badasses / by Trek fm

Voyager Comics.

Running Time: 1 hour 22 minutes
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It’s Kirk, Spock, and Uhura—of the Abrams variety—who get all the Star Trek comic attention these days. But there is a wealth of material out there for fans of other parts of the franchise. If you’re looking for some illustrated adventures of Captain Janeway and her crew, IDW’s collection of four past Windstorm Voyager titles is a good place to start.

In this episode of Literary Treks we’re joined by Tristan Riddell to discuss four adventures—False Colors, Avalon Rising, Elite Force, and Planet Killer. From a Borg Cube to a medieval village, get set for a fun romp through the Delta Quadrant.

In our news segment we cover the nominations of David Mack and Greg Cox for the IAMTW Scribe Award, Michael A. Martin’s next TOS novel Seasons of Light and Darkness, IDW’s July slate which includes Star Trek Ongoing #23 and the Ongoing Volume 5 omnibus, a special Klingon omnibus, and the Library of American Comics’ search for Star Trek newspaper strips from February 1982 through January 1983.


Star Trek authors David Mack and Greg Cox nominated for Scribe Awards
Michael A. Marting to pen Seasons of Light and Darkness
IDW’s July slate includes Ongoing #23 and Star Trek Volume 5
Library of American Comics seeking Star Trek strips 1982 - 1983
Contact Dean Mullaney if you have original strips from 1982 - 1983
Star Trek Archives: Best of Klingons

Feature: Voyager Comics

First Impressions
False Colors
Avalon Rising
Elite Force
Planet Killer
Final Thoughts


Matthew Rushing and Christopher Jones


Tristan Riddell


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