Literary Treks 147: The Phantom Menace / by Matthew Rushing

Kobayashi Maru.

Running Time: 1 hour 12 minutes 52 seconds
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One of the things that disappointed fans the most when Enterprise was canceled was the loss of seeing the Romulan War play out, so as the relaunch hit it’s stride it continued the series’ build into that storyline.

In this episode of Literary Treks hosts Matthew Rushing and Bruce Gibson are joined by Section 31 agent Brandon-Shea Mutala to talk about Star Trek Enterprise: Kobayashi Maru. We discuss Archer coming into his own, wrong things for the wrong reasons, a shadowy man, a shadowy problem, overly long and not a lot of plot points, the Kobayashi Maru, historical connections and our ratings.

In the news segment we look at the upcoming release of The Star Trek Book as well as something for free.


The Star Trek Book (00:02:15)
Something for Free (00:06:48)

Feature: Kobayashi Maru

Dan’s Still Missing (00:10:31)
Archer Coming Into His Own (00:12:54)
Wrong Things for the Wrong Reasons (00:18:36)
Shadowy Man (00:32:56)
Shadowy Problem (00:42:09)
Overly Long, Not Enough Plot (00:46:50)
The Kobayashi Maru (00:52:47)
Historical Connections (01:01:54)
Ratings (01:06:22)
Final Thoughts (01:10:04)


Matthew Rushing and Bruce Gibson


Brandon-Shea Mutala


Matthew Rushing (Editor and Producer) Norman C. Lao (Executive Producer) C Bryan Jones (Executive Producer) Charlynn Schmiedt (Executive Producer) Matthew Rushing (Executive Producer) Richard Marquez (Production Manager) Will Nguyen (Content Manager) Ken Tripp (Associate Producer) Will Nguyen (Associate Producer) Brandon-Shea Mutala (Associate Producer) Bruce Gibson (Associate Producer)