Literary Treks 133: Brother From Another Mother / by Matthew Rushing

Mere Anarchy: Its Hour Come Round.

Running Time: 40 minutes 57 seconds
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The film Star Trek: Generations saw the loss of a legend: Captain James T. Kirk, presumed dead during the maiden voyage of the Enterprise-B. The loss is a devastating one, especially for his former crew and the lives he has touched over the many years of his Starfleet career, including the people of the ravaged planet Mestizo. As the people of that world debate joining the Federation, the former crew of the Enterprise come together one last time to usher in a new era for the Payav.

In this episode of Literary Treks hosts Matthew Rushing and Dan Gunther talk about the last book in the Mere Anarchy series Its Hour Come Round. We discuss another end, the loss of Kirk, Bones, family, parallels, adversity bringing people together, an ambiguous ending and our ratings.

In the news segment we take a look the brand new comic Starfleet Academy issue #1.


Funny Story (00:01:50)
Starfleet Acadamy #1 (00:02:26)

Feature: It’s Hour Come Round

Another End (00:09:58)
The Loss of Kirk (00:10:53)
Bones (00:16:54)
Family (00:18:47)
Parallels (00:20:49)
Adversity Bring People Together (00:23:34)
Ambiguous Ending (00:29:28)
Ratings (00:34:05)
Final Thoughts (00:36:22)


Matthew Rushing and Dan Gunther


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