Literary Treks 113: The Dark Knight Deception / by Matthew Rushing

Mere Anarchy: The Centre Cannot Hold.

Running Time: 38 minutes 34 seconds
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The Original Series is often seen as an anthology show since the Enterprise hops from planet to planet with no real connection to what came before. The literary universe gives the authors the opportunity to show that just because a specific mission is over that does not mean the the crew never returns to further the relationship that has begun.

In this episode of Literary Treks hosts Matthew Rushing and Dan Gunther discuss the book The Centre Cannot Hold, the second part of the Mere Anarchy series. We talk about being back on Mestizo, the cold war era, spanning TOS, the Federation V Klingons, the long game, the dangerous game and give our ratings.

In the news segment we wrap up the Tholian Webs comic arc with Ongoing number 47.


Ongoing #47 (00:02:26)

Feature: The Centre Cannot Hold

Meanwhile Back on Mestizo (00:10:31)
Cold War Era (00:12:21)
Spanning the Entire Series (00:15:55)
Federation V Klingons (00:17:00)
The Long Game (00:20:54)
Dangerous Game (00:26:23)
Ratings (00:31:33)
Wrap Up (00:34:16)


Matthew Rushing and Dan Gunther


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