Literary Treks 108: Star Trek Beyond the Thunderdome / by Matthew Rushing

Cardassia: The Lotus Flower.

Running Time: 1 hour 1 minute 9 seconds
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The Dominion War left Cardassia ravaged. The planet is on the edge of a knife, as it’s people scrounge for food, power and answers, trying to rebuild a once proud civilization. The question becomes, do they look to the past for answers or forge something new?

In this episode of Literary Treks hosts Matthew Rushing and Dan Gunther talk about Una McCormack’s book Cardassia: The Lotus Flower which kicks off the Worlds of DS9 series. We discuss a broken world, faith and belief, rehabilitating a vedek, being out of Mile’s shadow, science’s purity and give our ratings.

In our news segment we look at the new Ongoing #46 as it starts a new story The Tholian Webs.


Ongoing #46 (00:01:48)

Feature: Cardassia: The Lotus Flower.

Continuing the DS9 Relaunch (00:09:48)
The Lotus Flower Blurb (00:10:35)
Right Off the Bat (00:11:12)
A Broken World (00:13:00)
Faith and Belief (00:19:08)
Rehabilitation of a Vedek (00:27:33)
Out of Mile’s Shadow (00:34:55)
Science Purity (00:41:15)
Ratings (00:48:34)
Closing (00:51:02)


Matthew Rushing and Dan Gunther


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