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Portal 47 Launches. Shatner Bio of Nimoy. Rod Roddenberry on Abramsverse.

Running Time: 19 minutes 29 seconds

Portal 47 Launches

Larry Nemecek—AKA “Dr. Trek”—recently announced his new behind-the-scenes boutique deep-dive fan experience called Portal 47—but he’s been coy about it—until now. For a year’s plan (or a three-month trial) you can accompany Larry as he delves into decades of knowledge about back-stage Star Trek from his own archives, memories, and rolodex of pro Treklanders. Fans at San Diego Comic-Con and Star Trek Las Vegas got an early-bird chance to sign up, but on Wednesday, September 9, he’ll kick things off officially—for them … and for anyone who comes aboard on this bonus maiden “telebriefing.” If you’d like to be part of the September 9 sample session, visit larrynemecek.com/Portal47Signup.htm. You can also find out more about Portal 47 on Facebook (just type Portal 47 into the search field), or sign up for Larry’s email list at larrynemecek.com/signup.html.

William Shatner to Write Leonard Nimoy Biography

When William Shatner failed to attend the funeral of Leonard Nimoy, those who love to fuel the idea that the two Star Trek leads did not get along took the opportunity to fan the flames. But the truth is the Shatner and Nimoy enjoyed a strong friendship that spanned nearly half a century. So it’s only fitting that William Shatner himself will pen a biography of his dear friend, to be released in 2016 by St. Martin’s Press.

Read more on TrekNews.net.

Rod Roddenberry Talks About Star Trek’s Future

In a piece by Michael Hinman on 1701 News, Rod Roddenberry shares his feelings about the J.J. Abrams films. The headline reads “Beginning Of 2009 Film ‘Brought Me To Tears’,” but the article actually contains much more. The son of the Star Trek creator also talks about how he tries to carry on his father’s vision through the many projects that he supports, and also whether or not Star Trek will return to television.

Read more on 1701News.com.


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