Hyperchannel 68: Forty Eight Years of Exploration / by Trek fm

Support Comic Creators, Get Star Trek Comics / Mission Log Now Available on Trek.fm / Star Trek Turns 48!

Running Time: 22 minutes 33 seconds


Christopher Jones


Eric Welsby

Editor and Producer

Christopher Jones

Support Comic Creators, Get Star Trek Comics

IDW and Humble Bundle have teamed up to help raise funds for Hero Initiative. This fundraiser for the organization dedicated to helping struggling comic creators is both a chance to help the people that make comics and to get your hands on some Star Trek comics. For a donation of any amount, you will receive digital copies of 23 comics including Gold Key Archives Volume 1, Best of Klingons, and Classics Volume 1 & 2. If you donate more than the average donor you will receive these plus more up to a total package of 66 comics worth $270!

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Mission Log Now Available on Trek.fm

We're very pleased to announce that Mission Log: A Roddenberry Star Trek Podcast is now available on Trek.fm! You'll find Mission Log on the Trek.fm website, episodes will also be included in the Trek.fm Complete Master Feed, and you can also find Mission Log in the Trek.fm Artist Section in iTunes! 

Listen to Mission Log.

Star Trek Turns 48!

September 6th and 8th will bring the 48th anniversary of the original airings of Star Trek in Canada and the United States. The original airing of "The Man Trap" appeared first in Canada on September 6th and two days later appeared on U.S. Television on September 8th.

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