Hyperchannel 62: Red Shirts at the Masquerade Ball / by Trek fm

The Red Shirt Diaries releases teaser trailer | Mission Log invites you to the Ball

Running Time: 10 minutes 7 seconds

The Red Shirt Diaries releases teaser trailer

If you're like us, you've seen every episode of The Original Series dozens of times. Okay... hundreds. But we've always seen the stories from the perspective of the senior staff. What's life really like for the Enterprise's minions? Especially those wearing red? A ten-part comedic web series aims to show you the other side of the seniority ladder as Ensign Williams tries to stay alive to the end of the first ten episodes of TOS.

Watch the Red Shirt Diaries trailer.

Mission Log invites you to the Ball

If you're heading to Star Trek Las Vegas next week and you're a fan of Mission Log: A Roddenberry Star Trek Podcast, John and Ken have some great events lined up for you. From "The Landing Party" in the Masquerade Bar on Wednesday to a Friday panel with Rod Roddenberry, be sure to explore the themes and issues of Star Trek with Mission Log while at the Rio.

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