Hyperchannel 31: Your Holographic Abode / by Trek fm

Is Lowe's Developing Holodeck Technology? | Elachi Alert returns for a limited time

Running Time:  19 minutes 28 seconds

Is Lowe's Developing Holodeck Technology?

Having trouble visualizing that next home improvement project? Wish you could just tell the computer what you'd like it to create? Lowe's, the hardware and home furnishing chain, thinks this is exactly how you should go about decking out your abode. And to make this a reality, Lower's is boldly going "into new shopping experiences, launching a holograph-based virtual reality showroom dubbed the Holoroom."

Find out more at SingularityHub.


Elachi Alert Weekend Comes to Star Trek Online

If you're looking to slam the door on subspace and earn extra rewards at the same time, you'll want to make sure you log into STO for Elachi Alert Weekend from now until Monday, July 16, at 10 p.m. Pacific. Help protect the scientific fleet that is working to close the gateways and earn 50% bonuses on mark rewards.

Find out more on the Star Trek Online website.

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