Hyperchannel 29: Three Minutes of Glory / by Trek fm

NASA unveils warp ship design concept—IXS Enterprise | First trailer for Prelude to Axanar revealed

Running Time: 14 minutes 26 seconds

NASA engineers unveil warp ship design concept—IXS Enterprise

In 2012, NASA engineer and physicist Harold White announced he was working on a solution to the energy problem in Miguel Alcubierre’s 1994 theory for faster-than-light space travel. His goal? To reduce the requirements from the mass-energy of Jupiter to something the size of NASA’s Voyager 1 probe. Now, as part of the project, White has collaborated with Mark Rademaker to create a CGI design concept of a warp-capable ship, which they have named it the IXS Enterprise.

See the ship design.

First trailer for Prelude to Axanar revealed

Fans can now get their first look at Prelude to Axanar with the release of the first trailer—and it is incredible! Presented as a History Channel-style look back at the battle, this powerful sneak peak packs so much Star Trek glory into less than three minutes that you will be counting the days until the full release if you aren't already. See J.G. Hertzler as a Starfleet captain, Richard Hatch as a Klingon, and Tony Todd delivering a rousing speech that will get your blood pumping. And the visuals are like nothing you've ever seen in Star Trek.

Watch the full trailer on the Star Trek Axanar website.