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Robert Blackman to Judge Star Trek Las Vegas Costume Competition | A New Hope for Life In Space

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Robert Blackman to Judge Star Trek Las Vegas Costume Competition

It takes many talented people to put together a television show like Star Trek, and each of these creatives plays a unique role in the final product. When it comes to costume design, no one has exerted more influence over how we think about Star Trek than Robert Blackman. For nearly two decades, Blackman has directed the look and feel of Trek's threads—beginning with TNG's third season all the way through Enterprise. He will be appearing at Star Trek Las Vegas this summer—his first since the early days of modern Star Trek—where he will conduct a Q&A and judge the costume contest. As a lead up to the event, StarTrek.com has published a fascinating two-part interview with the costume genius.

Read the full interview on StarTrek.com. Part 1 and Part 2.


A New Hope for Life In Space

As a Star Trek fan, chances are you would love to wake up one morning to the news that we've discovered other life somewhere out there in the cosmos. Despite our technological advancement, it feels like a long shot. But there could be hope. Dr. Seth Shostak, Senior Astronomer at the SETI Institite and co-host of Big Picture Science, recently testified before Congress on this very question. Besides helping the scientifically-challenged individuals who run our country and world, Shostak also predicts that we will find extraterrestrial life (not necessarily intelligent life) within a few decades.

Listen to the episode of Big Picture Science, "A New Hope for Life In Space."

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