Hyperchannel 17: Even Devil Rays Like Star Trek / by Trek fm

Shatner and Star Trek nominated for TCA Awards | Tampa Bay Rays to serve up Star Trek Night | Reading Rainbow funded in 12 hours

Shatner and Star Trek nominated for TCA Awards

Quick! Name one television show and one actor that have made a lasting impact on American culture—make that global culture. Did you answer Star Trek and William Shatner. If so, the Television Critics Association seems to agree. Star Trek: The Original Series has been nominated for the Heritage Award and William Shatner is up for the Career Achievement Award in the upcoming 30th Annual TCA Awards, which will be handed out on Saturday, July 19.

Find out and view all of the nominees. 

Tampa Bay Rays to serve up Star Trek Night

Every Deep Space Nine fan knows that Captain Sisko loves baseball. They also know that sport has died out on Earth by the 24th century. Luckily we still live in the 21st, and so on Friday, June 6, we can watch the Tampa Bay Rays take on the Seattle Mariners on what will be known as Star Trek Night at Tropicana Field. The night will include a showing of the "Chain of Command" Blu-ray trailer and free Star Trek-themed t-shirts.

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Reading Rainbow funded in 12 hours

Sometimes a million-dollar goal on a Kickstarter campaign would be viewed as insane. But not when we're talking about the future of our children, literacy, and LeVar Burton. When Burton and Reading Rainbow launched their month-long funding campaign on Wednesday, May 28, they never expected to be funded before they could get started promoting it. In just 12 hours the goal of one million dollars was met, leaving Burton with a tear in his eye over the generosity of the contributors.

Watch LeVar Burton's response to the quick success.

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