Hyperchannel 133: Miasma / by Trek fm

New Greg Cox Novella.

Running Time: 8 minutes 36 seconds
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Diplomats, mysterious signals, and crash landings. They’re all part of Miasma, the latest eNovella adventure from Pocket Books, penned by Star Trek veteran Greg Cox. Spanning just 99 pages, the compact thrill ride finds the landing party stranded on a hostile world—unable to communicate with the Enterprise—while Captain Kirk and Saavik race to save the day. We take a quick look at the premise and share some thoughts on the eNovella format.


C Bryan Jones


C Bryan Jones (Editor and Producer) Matthew Rushing (Executive Producer) Norman C. Lao (Executive Producer) Charlynn Schmiedt (Executive Producer) Richard Marquez (Production Manager) Will Nguyen (Content Manager)