Shervin Sabeghi

Teching the Tech on Voyager by Charlynn Schmiedt

“It’s some sort of chromo-dynamic module powered by a tripolymer plasma”

Sound familiar? Technobabble (or Treknobabble, if you will) is the term used to describe all of the jargon used on Star Trek. The quote above was delivered by Lieutenant Torres in the episode “Prototype” and is just one of many examples of the kind of tech talk Star Trek provides.

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Resetting Voyager by Trek fm

The “Reset Button”: it’s a phrase so thrown around when talking about Voyager that no fan can escape the Trek world without it finding its way into their ears at least once.  And, unlike a lot of the criticism fans give Voyager that might be subject to opinion, comments about the reset button do actually apply.

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Why Voyager Didn't Let Star Trek Down by Trek fm

Star Trek: Voyager is the much-maligned fourth incarnation of the Star Trek franchise. Starting in 1995 and ending its seven season run in 2001, Voyager never saw the same ratings as Star Trek: The Next Generation, nor the same high praise. Though it doesn’t suffer the same brutal slamming that Star Trek: Enterprise does, it still gets its fair share of derogatory jokes and scolding from many general Trek fans.

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