Earl Grey 85: Harold of the Crystalline Entity / by Darren Moser

The Most Alien of Aliens.

Star Trek: The Next Generation, as well as the other Trek series, are often poked fun at for featuring the new "forehead" or "nose" of the week when encountering new alien species. However, there were many new strange lifeforms featured inTNG that fully embraced the concept of science fiction. In this episode of Earl Grey, the trio have a round robin discussion of their favorite examples of the most "alien" aliens encountered by the Enterprise-D. They discuss "space jellyfish" ("Encounter at Farpoint"), Gomtuu ("Tin Man"), the allasomorphs ("The Daupin"), and the crystalline entity ("Datalore"/"Silicon Avatar"). Phillip, Daniel, and Darren also talk energy beings, other space-dwelling life forms, and other antagonists that challenged our favorite crew. Activate your universal translator, refresh yourself on first contact protocols, and join in on this episode that examines Next Gen's most alien species. 

Running Time: 1 Hour 7 Minutes 1 Seconds


Daniel Proulx, Phillip Gilfus, & Darren Moser

Editor / Producer

Darren Moser

Production Manager

Richard Marquez

Content Coordinator

Will Nguyen


Celebration Anaheim Recap (00:01:46)
Star Trek Unique Aliens (00:07:57)
Phillip - Space Jellyfish - Encounter at Farpoint (00:08:53)
Daniel - Sheliak - The Ensigns of Command (00:13:08)
Darren - The Children of Tama (Tamarians) - Darmok (00:17:31)
 Phillip - Nagilum - Where Silence Has Lease (00:21:08)
Daniel - Allasomorphs - The Dauphin (00:25:31)
Darren -Space Dwelling Lifeforms - Galaxy's Child (00:29:28)
Phillip - The "Child" - The Child (00:33:05)
24th Century 90's Ads (00:34:17)
Daniel - Gomtuu - Tin Man (00:36:42)
Darren - Velara III Crystalline Sand Lifeforms - Home Soil (00:40:08)
Phillip - Memory-wiping space-lightning - Lonely Among Us (00:44:40)
Daniel - Crystalline Entity - Datalore /Silicon Avatar (00:51:03)
Darren - Parasitic Bug Creatures - Conspiracy (00:54:44)
Closing (01:00:32) 

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