Earl Grey 51: Pinstripes to Collars / by Darren Moser

Season Three Overview.

The third season of TNG introduced uniform collars, a promoted La Forge, the last full season for Wesley, welcomed back Dr. Crusher, and ended on the greatest cliffhanger in Star Trek television history. In this episode of Earl Grey, Darren, Daniel, and Phillip discuss why Season Three is their collective favorite out of all seven years of the series, how most episodes introduced storylines that would continue throughout TNG's television run (in addition to other Trek series and feature films), and how many times Riker smiles during other characters' embarrassing moments.

Running Time: 1 Hour 32 Minutes 56 Seconds


Phillip Gilfus, Darren Moser, and Daniel Proulx



Opening Thoughts (2:18)
1 Evolution (4:42)
2 The Ensigns of Command (9:00)
3 The Survivors (11:25)
4 Who Watches the Watchers (14:14)
5 The Bonding (16:35)
6 Booby Trap (18:25)
7 The Enemy (22:00)
8 The Price (24:03)
9 The Vengeance Factor (27:09)
10 The Defector (28:04)
11 The Hunted (31:01)
12 The High Ground (33:26)
13 Deja Q (34:58)
14 A Matter of Perspective (39:07)
15 Yesterdays Enterprise (41:17)
16 The Offspring (45:21)
17 Sins of the Father (47:38)
18 Allegiance (51:28)
19 Captain's Holiday (54:43)
20 Tin Man (56:10)
21 Hollow Pursuits (58:40)
22 The Most Toys (1:00:00)
23 Sarek (1:02:37)
24 Menage a Troi (1:09:42)
25 Transfigurations (1:12:30)
26 The Best of Both Worlds - Part 1 (1:14:20)


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