Earl Grey 264: Mentally Connect with Her / by Richard Marquez

Troi's Dishonor.


Runtime: 1 hour 11 minutes 15 seconds

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Star Trek never shies away from an issue - usually tackling things such as racism, sexism, the evils of war, and human rights violations, with assault and rape being no exception. The way Counselor Troi's assaults were portrayed on The Next Generation as a psychic rape instead of a physical rape brings the issue to the forefront of conversation of the issue.

In this episode of Earl Grey, host Amy Nelson is joined by Zach Moore of Standard Orbit to discuss the character of Troi and her violations within specific episodes as well as the movie Nemesis. We debate the issues of consent and intent of a perpetrator. We also consider if Troi's empathic ability is a vulnerability or disadvantage which therefore makes her a victim.


Intro (00:01:14)
Cleavage Character (00:05:31)
"Hollow Pursuits" (00:10:25)
"The Survivors" (00:15:02)
"The Loss" (00:21:27)
"Man of the People" (00:24:24)
Definition of Rape (00:29:37)
"The Child" (00:34:07)
"Violations" (00:43:07)
Nemesis (00:48:47)
Final Thoughts(00:58:41)
Closing (01:03:40)


Amy Nelson


Zach Moore


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