Earl Grey 174: The Perfect Bite / by Richard Marquez

The Game.

Running Time: 1 hour 00 minutes 18 seconds

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Most kids can relate to having favorite video games and playing these games for hours on end. It is easy to spend days and weeks trying to beat the game and take it to its end when you are young and have few responsibilities. However in this episode of "The Game," this premise is twisted around so the adults are chronically playing the game while Wesley is left to figure out why.

In this episode of Earl Grey, hosts Richard Marquez and Amy Nelson with special guest Bruce Gibson from Literary Trek, discuss season 5 "The Game". We all agree that Robin Lefler is amazing, Troi eating her chocolate fudge sundae is a serious endeavor, and addiction comes in many different forms. As a side note, "The Game" was the first episode to air after Gene Roddenberry's death on Oct 24, 1991.


Introduction (00:00:39)
Meet up (00:02:35)
The Game (00:04:34)
Lefler (00:06:41)
Spacebook (00:12:25)
Headsets (00:12:45)
Google glass (00:16:35)
Addiction (00:20:00)
The perfect bite (00:23:53)
Worf Poundcake (00:27:26)
Geordi (00:31:48)
Mother-son relationship (00:37:47)
VR games (00:44:50)
Rating (00:51:57)
Closing (00:53:05)
Patron (00:54:14)
Contact (00:56:23)


Amy Nelson and Richard Marquez


Bruce Gibson


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