Earl Grey 111: Soylent Maroon is People / by Darren Moser

Spooky TNG.

Mystery. Flickering lights. Strange sounds ... and clicking ... always the familiar, repeating clicking sounds ...

Star Trek: The Next Generation has its fair share of episodes that cause fans to hide behind the couch. Darren, Daniel, and Phillip turn down the lights, get out the flashlights ... er, palm beacons, and talk about their favorite spooky TNG episodes. 

There is the surreal happenings in the fourth season outing "Night Terrors," where a sleepless crew fights their own minds playing tricks on them. The trio also discusses the alien abduction mystery "Schisms," with the "scary" talents of the Holodeck computer knowing the difference between a table and a chair. The sixth season gave fans the Inception-like episode "Frame of Mind," with Commander William Riker taking us on a psychotic thriller of a ride. Then there is the "100% scientifically-accurate" story "Genesis," which has us ready to hang from the bulkheads, as we look out for "de-evolved" Lieutenant Worf or Spider-Barclay.

So feel the terror in this Halloween-inspired episode of Earl Grey, as they discuss the spooky episodes of Next Gen.

Running Time: 1 Hour 2 Minutes 46 Seconds


Daniel Proulx, Phillip Gilfus, & Darren Moser

Editor / Producer

Darren Moser

Executive Producers

Norman C. Lao, Matthew Rushing, & C Bryan Jones

Associate Producer

Stephen Boyd

Production Manager

Richard Marquez

Content Manager

Will Nguyen


Night Terrors (4x17) (00:03:07)
Schisms (6x05) (00:13:04)
Frame of Mind (6x21) (00:23:42)
Crew of Misplaced Aliens (00:29:54)
Genesis (7x19) (00:33:40)
Honorable Mentions (00:46:48)
Rank (00:53:23)

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