Commentary: Trek Stars 7: Based On an Original Napkin / by Trek fm

Roddenberry Part 6: Earth: Final Conflict.

Six years after Gene Roddenberry’s death, the first of two shows based on his concepts was produced. Earth: Final Conflict dealt with a futuristic society in which aliens, seeking refuge on Earth, share their advanced technology with humanity.

This week, Mike and Max are joined by Colin, the host of Trek News and Views, to cover the posthumous work of Gene Roddenberry as a television creator. We discuss the show’s ever-changing premise, its ever-changing cast, its unrealized potential, the proposed spinoff, the head writer’s other work, how much of the concept was Roddenberry’s, and whether or not he would have made the show himself.



The Premise of Earth: Final Conflict
The Quality of the Show
Star Trek Names on Earth: Final Conflict

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