Commentary: Trek Stars 64: RH Dubs, Unsung Hero / by Trek fm

Wolfe, Part 1: Trek.

There were many talented people who contributed to the genius of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. But one of the most under appreciated is writer/producer Robert Hewitt Wolfe. 

This week, Max and Mike start a new series looking at Wolfe's work as a driving force behind television projects, including Futuresport, Andromeda, Riverworld, and The Dresden Files. 

In Part 1, we are joined by Matt Hansen of The Delta Quadrant to look at Wolfe's work on Star Trek. We discuss his Next Generation debut with “A Fistful of Datas,” his script for “Q-Less,” which led to a staff position on DS9, and his huge contribution to the series on the whole, including the co-creation of the Defiant. We also debate what metaphor best describes his place in the DS9 writing staff.