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Black & Cushman, Part 2: Star Trek & These are the Voyages.

Only months after publication, Marc Cushman's These are the Voyages is already considered to be the most thorough insight into the making of Star Trek: The Original Series. With 500 pages dedicated to Season One and two more volumes on the way, it is quite clearly the definitive history of Gene Roddenberry's classic show.

In our third season premiere, Mike and Max present the second half of their interview with Marc and Original Series veterans John D.F. & Mary Black. We talk about how television has changed since the sixties, what other movies and shows John has written, and what we can expect to see in the next two volumes of These are the Voyages. We also ponder what it would have been like if Spock had left after Season One.

These are the Voyages, TOS, Season One can be purchased now on, with Seasons Two and Three set for release in the coming months.