Commentary: Trek Stars 47: We Can't Have Nice Things / by Trek fm

Moore, Part 3: Carnivale.

A year after the cancellation of Roswell, Ronald D. Moore returned to television to run a new HBO series titled Carnivale.

Set against the backdrop of a traveling carnival during the Great Depression, the show follows two people—Ben (played by Nick Stahl) and Justin (played by Clancy Brown)—who are unknowing pawns in a battle between good and evil.

This week, Mike and Max chat about Moore's first solo effort. We discuss how the series came to be, why Moore left after one season, and what the show's existence means for the future of television. We also debate whether or not the terms "good" and "evil" apply to the main characters.



Mike Schindler and Max Hegel



Thoughts on Carnivale
Moore's Opinion of  the Show
Final Thoughts


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