Commentary: Trek Stars 13: A Fan Club on Steroids / by Trek fm

Meyer Part 4: The West End Horror.

Two years after the success of The Seven-Per-Cent Solution, Nicholas Meyer returned with his second Sherlock Holmes novel, The West End Horror. This time, Meyer chose to write a much more traditional Holmes adventure which features the detective investigating a murder set against the backdrop of the British theater scene of the late 19th century.

This week, Mike and Max are joined by Tony Powers, a public librarian and Holmes aficionado, to discuss how Sherlockians compare to Trekkies, how Meyer’s books stack up against other Holmes pastiches, how the story is used to shed light on various historical characters of the era, the difficulties of simultaneously satisfying both the long-time fan and the newcomer, the passion of the Baker Street Irregulars, the work of Holmes scholar William Baring-Gould, and Meyer’s ability to stay true to source material while adapting it for a modern audience.