You Are Cordially Invited / by Trek fm

From the very moment Worf and Jadzia met in Quark's, it was clear that there was a spark between them. Dax's history with Klingon culture made her a natural for a potential relationship with the new arrival, but that alone can only go so far. The onscreen chemistry between Michael Dorn and Terry Farrell helped lead Ronald D. Moore to revive a plotline he had tried to develop on TNG—the marriage of Worf. On The Next Generation the plan was for him to end up with Troi, but the relationship felt forced and didn't sit well with fans. The relationship between Worf and Jadzia, on the other hand, felt completely authentic and grew naturally over time. So when the Federation finally retook DS9 after the opening arc of the show's sixth season, it was time for a party. And what better way to party than to celebrate a wedding between friends and crewmates?

In this episode of The Orb hosts Christopher Jones and Matthew Rushing bring you a commentary for "You Are Cordially Invited." We discuss Martok's influence on Worf, Sisko's influence on Jadzia, and Sirella's influence on everyone. We also play with fire, crash a Klingon bachelor party, drool over a baked potato, and learn the latest dance craze, the Bolian Chest Bump.

Originally published as The Orb 65: Song, Ritual, and Unbridled Passions.