Trek News & Views 26: Borgish / by Trek fm

The Borg. (Sort of.)

This week we’re joined by Carl from the Stolen Droids podcast and the gang from the Trek Mate podcast. We set out to discuss the Borg but we took a few unexpected turns down some transwarp conduits… so in the end we were only “Borgish.”

In news we look at the slew of movie rumors that have been swirling this week including Cumberbatch as Khan, the appearance of Klingons, and a possible guest spot for Leonard Nimoy. We also have news about Creation’s New Jersey con and Destination Star Trek London, plus a lot of Star Trek Online news including the May schedule for rotating feature episodes that offer unique awards and the Caitian Atrox Carrier. And on a very sad note, we remember composer Joel Goldsmith, who passed away on April 29 and the age of 54.