Saturday Morning Trek

Saturday Morning Trek 21: The Animated Alternative by Trek fm

Can the crews of three different shows pull together and create an animated series sequel to the "Alternative Factor" AND "The Counter-Clock Incident" that's more compelling than the originals and uses all the rules of all the different universes but still manages make sense?  Join us for the first episode of our fictional third season of Star Trek The Animated Series!

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Saturday Morning Trek 20: Gossamer Mice by Trek fm

If you thought Deep Space Nine was the first time a Starfleet crew shrunk down to the size of action figures, think again!  Was the trope of thematic cure-all of the transporter a Next Generation invention? Not exactly! And if you thought Enterprise was the first time we saw colonist from the Terra project, we'd shout "Shale!"  Join Aaron Harvey and special returning co-host Darren Moser as they grab their xenylon based uniforms and review "The Terratin Incident."

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Saturday Morning Trek 19: Mudd's Ursinoids by Trek fm

Mudd's Passion. Roger C. Carmel is back as Harry Mudd , this time swindling miners with a love potion. Yay?! Yeah, not so much. The Harry Mudd character had been pretty well mined, pun fully intended, and in the 21st century is somewhat problematic. So, what do we do when an episode may not be our favorite? Why, we dive deeper!

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