Saturday Morning Trek 25: Kline's Passion / by Richard Marquez

Kline's Passion.

Running Time: 1 hour 07 minutes 39 seconds

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Aaron & Adam interview a very special guest in the wood paneled den, Bob Kline!

That name might not be as well known to you as Dorothy Fontana, Lou Scheimer or Walter Koenig but Bob was an integral part of making the world of the animated series. He was responsible for creating over 85% of all the ships, creatures, aliens and environment for the show. And he didn't stop at TSA, if you've ever watched Thundar the Barbarian, He-Man, Dungeons and Dragons, G.I. Joe, Muppet Babies, Animaniacs, Gargoyles or even the Power Puff've seen his work!

In this part one of a two part interview we learn how he came to work on Star Trek, what the SS Bonaventure became, and who burned a script in the hallway of Filmation!

There is a treasure trove of information to explore so grab a bowl of your favorite cereal and settle in!

Intro (00:01:03)
Bob's Background (00:03:15 )
Starting at Filmation (00:11:38)
Creating the Ursanoids (00:14:08)
Favorite Aliens (00:17:49)
Quality (00:23:27)
The Bonaventure and Beyond (00:26:45)
From Script to Saturday Morning (00:34:36)
The Pink Clliffhanger (00:41:24)
Blu-Ray Contest Winner (41:37)

Aaron Harvey
Adam Drosin

Bob Klein

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