Saturday Morning Trek 2: The Infinite Walter / by Trek fm

Walter Koenig Interview.

Running Time: 1 hour 2 minutes 45 seconds
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You might think that Pavel Chekov never appeared on Star Trek: The Animated Series—and you would be right. But Walter wrote the seventh episode of TAS's first season, "The Infinite Vulcan." Want to know more about that? Well, we're honored to welcome Walter Koenig (pronounced "KAY-nig"), Star Trek's original Chekov, to tell you about it first-hand as our very first guest.

In this episode of Saturday Morning Trek, Aaron and Darren sit down in the wood-paneled den (literally!) and talk with Walter about writing for TAS, how he found out he wouldn't be on the show, and where he got the inspiration for the episode he wrote. We also delve deeper into his writing for television, a proposed story for Star Trek: The Next Generation, and the world of comic books.

Plus, Walter talks a bit about his time on Babylon 5, what kind of input he had on his character as a writer, and celebrates the 50th anniversary of Star Trek by sharing some of his many endeavors.


Summary of "The Infinite Vulcan" (00:02:25)
Walter Koenig Getting Started in Writing (00:03:25)
Writing for TV (00:06:46)
Walter's Post-TOS Life (00:09:18)
Writing for The Animated Series (00:14:22)
Finds Out He Wasn't on TAS (00:19:30)
Walter's Aborted TNG Story (00:25:50)
Happy Times on Babylon 5 (00:29:58)
Writing for Comic Books (00:34:52)
Current Endeavors (00:43:50)
The Reason Khan Remembered Chekov (00:49:45)
Commercial Break (00:54:44)


Aaron Harvey and Darren Moser


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