Saturday Morning Trek 18: A Paper Internet / by Trek fm

Kerry O’Quinn Interview.

Running Time: 56 minutes 22 seconds
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To say that Kerry O’Quinn had an impact on sci-fi fans of the ‘70s and ’80s is like saying Gene Roddenberry may have had some influence on television. Starting in another genre—soap operas—Kerry and his partner built a publishing powerhouse and expanded to magazines like Cinematic, Future Life, Starlog, and Fangoria, which is still being published today.

In this episode of Saturday Morning Trek, host Aaron Harvey is joined by O’Quinn to share how he was writing a blog before there was such a thing, how he brought Star Trek and Star Wars together, and why so many people told him he was going to hell. Maybe he will run into Lucien there! Friend, Kerry!

Intro (00:00:00)
News (00:02:04)
A Blog before Blogs (00:02:48)
Future Life Magazine (00:04:39)
Outsider Culture (00:06:12)
Soap Opera Magazines (00:10:44)
Not for Women Only Segment (00:11:57)
Gene and George Star Trek Wars (00:15:52)
Star Wars 10th Anniversary (00:17:34)
Starlog Commercial (00:22:53)
Creating Fangoria (00:25:05)
Changing Fandom (00:32:32)
Designing Starlog (00:37:21)
Drag Worms (00:39:22)
Closing (00:54:49)

Aaron Harvey

Kerry O'Quinn

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